Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Join The Geek Mafia

Are you a geek or geekette? Would you like to join our growing family of geeks? No, you don't have to kill anyone to be accepted, just show us your dedication to the family by placing our link & graphic on your website. Members of our family enjoy such benefits as regular updates to information that will make you a better geek and even increased visits to your website or blog. Our ultimate goal is to see our family members receive "Total 'Net Protection".

To join, just CLICK HERE to fill out our basic form, and then follow the instructions to place the family's code on your site. That's it! No blood. No cops. No time in the pen.

What are you waiting for? Get in now to be considered for future (lucrative) 'boss' positions within the family.

The Geek Mafia

The Geek Mafia was created to support members of The Geek Mafia Webring. We'll be posting regular updates with links to sites of interest to geeks all over the world, regardless of skill level.